Thursday, May 03, 2007

Birthday wishes across the pond

A Happy birthday today to my friend who goes by the moniker "Boudicea" (which has LOTS of spelling variations). She might occasionally read this blog, but probably not recently because where she has been staying in the UK, the sheep sometimes eat through the phone cables, meaning no internet. Since she stays with a flute player and happens to be a Pottermaniac, here's a video for her with great classic Moody Blues music.


Nava said...

Wonderful music!!
It reminds me so much of something that's on the tip on my brain - can't remember it, though :-&

Blueberry said...

Nothing like the Moody Blues "core seven" albums from the 1967-1972, beginning with "Day of Future Passed" through "Seventh Sojourn". All works of art.