Saturday, May 05, 2007

Del Castillo plays tonight

Today is Cinco de Mayo [wiki], which a lot of people think is "Mexican Independance Day" (which it isn't).

We are going to see one of my favorite bands, Del Castillo, in an outdoor venue. This is a recent EPK (promo) video for them, and has a good sampling of their music. They are Americans (4 native Texans and 2 from parts further north) but their music has influences from around the world, and they are one of the best live bands I've seen. I'm acquainted will all of them except the new guy, Carmelo, and they are super-nice people. The brothers do some unbelievable things with acoustic guitars!

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Mando Mama said...

Ooooohh that will be....or was, by now?....a good show. Thanks for sharing them with us. We could all use a little chacha in our Spring up this way.