Thursday, May 10, 2007

Catblogging - Bottlebrush and other psycho cats

This one of our neighbor cats relaxing in her favorite spot in the yard. Here's a closeup of her. Isn't she pretty? We call her "Bottlebrush" (not her real name) because she has this huge fluffy bottlebrush tail. She's a real beauty, and loves to entice you to pet her by rubbing against your legs, cute meowing and waving that fluffy tail, but if you do try to pet her she will lay into your legs and hands with every tooth and claw she's got. She's a bit psycho.

Like the following stories of psycho cats, she is probably very well behaved with her own human family, and they couldn't even imagine their sweet little girl on the attack.

Here's one about a docile declawed kitty (as the owner describes the cat) who has terrified the mail carrier so bad that she refuses to even go there anymore and the person has to pick up their mail at the Post Office.

Here's another story about a cat who has a restraining order against him. He has 6 toes, claws to match, and what has been described as "catlike stealth" (well, of course it's catlike! He's a cat!!). A half dozen people watched him ambush the Avon Lady. He looks like PoP's Fred, doesn't he?

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Peacechick Mary said...

Why, oh, why have I not come over here before? We have so many sites in common. I'll bet everyone has a cat story to tell. I might have to do a post on Battlecat.

Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

I love Bottlebrush! What a beauty!

I have a pretty boring cat, eats and sleeps mostly. I read about the excitement other people have with their cats and look at her accusingly:

"Why aren't you ordering pizzas or rescuing babies?"

See alot of cats demand that they be enjoyed just for sitting there. They dont aim to please at all.

pissed off patricia said...

I would say that might be Fred the Cat's evil twin, but at times, Fred the Cat is his own evil twin.

FreakyNick said...

I'm a dog lover, but I've been told I have the personality of a cat - distant, moody, like to nap, likes to hide in the shadows, there are times when I want to be left alone, and times I demand attention...... just the opposite of the golden boy, maybe that's why we attact.

Just don't bother him when he is napping, that's one of the rare times I see him curl his lip. The phrase "let sleeping dogs lie" applies to him. (He also growls at other male dogs also, especially when he surrounded by his harem at doggy playgroup)

Blueberry said...

mary: stop by anytime!
lynn: I will trade you a high-maintenance cat for your boring one! [Just kidding... unless you want Alex... Alex, you didn't hear that]
Pop: they excel in the split personality, don't they?
nick: I believe your dog has found himself a pet cat (you). As for napping, I envy all critters who have the luxury in life of being able to nap.

Michael Bains said...

My Caeser was exactly like that "Bottlebrush" in temperament. Rubbed, purred and nuzzled then . . ATTACK!

Only, believe me, in his case family got the same treatment as everyone else.