Wednesday, May 09, 2007

KO awarded first Molly

Congratulations to Keith Olbermann, who has been awarded the First Annual Molly Ivins Award.
Quoting the article: "It is intended to recognize a journalist or media figure who's reporting or commentary has had a profound impact on the public's understanding of vital national issues, and who's work embodies the spirit of Ivins' courageous legacy.

"Describing her own style of writing, Molly Ivins once wrote, 'Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.'

Maybe someday there will be a Keith Olbermann Award.


Andrew said...

I like Keith O. as well. He always has insightful and truthful commentary. Take care and will stop back by.


Michael Bains said...

There's no more deserving broadcaster in the MSM. Quite appropriate!

Mando Mama said...

OH I LOVE this!!! I hope there is a KO award too. I just live in fear that it will be called The Keith Olberman Memorial Award. It's a miracle that guy hasn't been found floating down the Potomac. Therefore someone must be afraid of him. I love that.

Pam said...

There will be a KO award someday! I just know it!

This award is VERY well deserved.

John Good said...

Olberman led the way; thank God that others are FINALLY starting to follow his lead!