Thursday, May 24, 2007

Work, play, work

Memorial Day weekend is almost here! I am taking off an extra couple of days from my day job… so I can WORK on my freelance job! That is pretty typical for me these days. I am in a state of burnout and don’t know the way out. Yes, it’s true – we get out and do fun stuff a lot – but the fact remains that I still work every day, 7 days a week. I have a constant flow of tasks into my biz inbox, and most of it is deadline-sensitive so it’s not as though I can put it off. I have no one to fill in for me so not only do I not get vacation, I get no sick time. As long as I can open my eyes, I am able to work. If need be, I could drag the laptop into my sick-bed. So much for convenience. Sometimes it’s overrated! [grin – with gritted teeth]

Fun stuff, let’s see, Pirates of the Caribbean 3 starts Friday, so we are going on opening day. I am psyched!!! I cannot deny it. There are certain movies I have to see ASAP because I absolutely hate spoilers and they are hard to avoid. Reviews are often just a retelling of the story line – grrrrrrrr (ever listen to that guy on NPR? I turn that sucker down as soon as he starts talking). The Tomatometer is a bit in the splat range right now at a little over 50%, but I don’t care. I don’t usually agree with most critics, and the “tomatometer” is not a factor but it’s still fun to check out what they are saying. Put it this way, if a movie has a tomatometer rating below… say… 10%, it’s almost guaranteed to be a bona-bide stinker. It doesn’t mean I won’t give it a rental. Could still be good for a laugh, in fact, a laugh is a sure thing. Anyway, Jack is back and looks who's with him!!

What else is going on… It’s going to rain so that outdoor party we’re going to on Saturday might get rescheduled. There are loads of free/cheap shows. The South Austin Jug Band is at Momo’s late Saturday. It’s a possibility, or we could wait for Shady Grove next Thursday. Here’s a vid of them covering a Django tune. The video quality is not great, but check out this twin fiddle offering featuring a couple of the finest fiddlers in Texas (Dennis Ludiker and Brian Beken) – and they’ve got the papers to prove it. Those kids can saw!! Minor Swing:

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Lynn@ZelleBlog said...

Enjoy the holiday Blueberry- I'm going to see Pirates Friday too.

I'm not sure what you do as your "job" but maybe you need a helper? I know, I know.. cuts into the bottom line and most things you'd probably do yourself anyway. But all people need a rest.

I dont read movie reviews. Ever. I decide things based on whim.

Blueberry said...

re: job. I have myself painted into a corner. I don't make enough to live on, so I can't hire anyone. I've never been able to use this humongous witty brain to make good business decisions. I think my retirement will depend on whether I win the lottery or not. Somehow I think things will work out, one way or the other.

Blueberry said...

"I've never been able to use this humongous witty brain to make good business decisions"
I'm an Art Major. There's the evidence! [snort]

Mando Mama said...

How is it that I have been so unawares as Pirates opening this weekend? I'm with ya, those movies are great, great fun. I cannot wait to see it.

Being your own enterprise is risky business but you have the knowledge that you are putting bread on your table in the way you want. Ok, maybe you feel some days its more cracker crumbs than bread.....I grew up in a family enterprise and work for one now and all I can say is, you have all my respect and sympathy. Remind yourself that it actually is really ok to be successful and to say to your clients, when they tell you how happy they are, "Thanks...I'd love to work for ten of your best friends."

I wish for you this memorial day weekend some time to let your mind wander a bit and relax.