Thursday, October 27, 2005

Dog Gone Lampshades!

I saw this post on craigslist, and I have to say... "Totally unique" does seem to be an appropriate description. Someone made lampshades out of their dead dogs' pelts. Not one, but 2 dogs. the sad part is that they must need money pretty bad (they only want $20):
Totally unique/artistic lamps - $20
I have two incredible lamps for sale, but the actual lamp shades are the star of the show. I must part with due to bills. I made them myself when my dogs died. I used their pelts to create beautiful artistic lamp shades that will bark with life in your living room, etc. One is black and white with a bit of yellowing in the white part. The other is a golden brown that yelps for pleasure in dampering the light for you. A true one of a kind!
Uhhhh... OK... I am grossed out by this. I guess I am too squeamish to consider doing something like this, but people do it all the time at the taxidermist. Here's a place you can get your pet freeze-dried as an alternate to stuffing. Check it out for some free pre-Halloween willies.

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