Monday, October 17, 2005

Kinsey and Robots

Shallow movie reviews

Robots is based on a cute premise with lots of potential, but the script and the jokes seem to be aimed at people 5 and under. Very lame dialogue, just very unfunny… with the exception of Robin Williams’ character who is always hilarious and brilliant. He’s the highlight of it but not enough to be the salvation. 1 star for his performance and 3 whoopee cushions for the movie overall.

EDIT: I see on Rotten Tomatoes that Robots was fresh... 62% I think. Bull!! I liked one reviewer's comment about them using Ewan McGregor, then making him speak with an American accent. Good point. Add 1 more whoopee cushion for that.

Also saw Kinsey on DVD. This is a pretty good one, and recommended. I would have liked more features on the DVD, especially something on the real Dr. Kinsey. Maybe a blooper reel! ;-)

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