Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday Cat Birthday Belly

This is silly Duncan. It's his 10th birthday! I got him from the no-kill shelter where I volunteered. They had rescued him, his littermates and mom from an animal pound in another part of the state, and he was the last remaining unadopted guy in his group when I took him home.

He purrs so loud you think he's going to break his purrbox, with plenty of drool to go with it. He's a big round boy and at 16 pounds resembles a furry bowling ball. We are always working on that girth but without much success. He's named after Duncan Gibbons, a film and video director who burned to death saving his cat.

Duncan Donuts here is showing you his best cute position. He's a terrible flirt! Looks like the nipples are the cleanest part.

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Marie said...

Cute pic......cats don't share their belly with just anyone!

Blueberry said...

If Mr Shy knew everyone was seeing his belly, I'm sure he'd be very embarrassed, and probably go hide! ;-)

Niobium said...

We have a drooly kitty also.