Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Milky Sea Monster destroys Lake Travis

The phenomenon of the Milky Sea has been photographed. A vast area of the ocean glows! It’s very mysterious, and scientists don’t really know what is causing it but think it’s shiny bacteria. Hmmmm. Probably correct... hmmmm, could be... might be... it IS!!! It’s a SEA MONSTER!!! Look at the shape of it!

Well, OK, it’s probably just bacteria, but sea monsters have been a common mythical beast, although none as big as Delaware like Milky there, but the one in the new NBC show "Surface" is pretty danged big, but more like the size of a football field… or two. Also, it lights up (like Milky) and shocks its prey for easy feeding. Scary. In the first regular episode (following the 2 hour debut), our very own near and dear Lake Travis bears the brunt of the monstrous destruction that is sure to continue around the globe.

I’m enjoying watching this show before it probably tanks ::sorry::. It’s got some rather common themes: man becomes crazed after encounter, boring wife can’t handle his new obsession, gets thrown in with beautiful scientist with same obsession. Yes, that’s the scientist in the picture. I’ve worked with lots of scientists over the years; nuclear physicists, rocket scientists, and geologists mostly. Cool people. Almost none of them look like this, they are too busy doing research, reading, and writing to cultivate the great hair and "bod for sin". Most tend to let appearances go a bit, and belong to the "socks with sandals" crowd... not that there’s anything wrong with that. Socks with sandals is very cozy and practical. Also, it takes awhile to get a PhD. Most people are pushing 30 by the time they get there. Well, I guess nobody wants realism here. The next element is the pair of teenaged boys who are raising one of the little buggers in the bathtub, and he sure is a cutie (meaning the little sea monster dude, who is named Nimrod). Something tells me he’s going to be a very bad pet.

For a complete spoiler-filled blow-by-blow rundown of the show so far, go here.

I award it 4 cheese balls. - -

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