Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rob Socia

I just did a website for an up-and-coming Austin musician named Rob Socia, check it out here. He submitted his own graphic layout that I based the site design on, so he really did a lot of the work of it right there. We got to see him last night at Momo's Club. He's an impressive singer and songwriter! A little like a kinder, gentler Steve Earle maybe... and I might add, a lot easier on the eyes than Steve Earle as you can see from the picture. Good guitar player too, and has some good people in his band too. Brian Beken from the South Austin Jug Band was "sitting in" as he put it, on mandolin, but plays on his record that will be out next year. I've got an advance copy and it's pretty darned good! All he needs is more exposure, more gigs, just to get out there and play in front of people. I think he's going to do just fine.

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