Saturday, October 29, 2005

Maria, still the Queen of South Austin

Poor Maria! Her arms are still gone, but she's showing a sense of humor with a little Halloween flavor. I wonder if this was done by the same assholes who knocked the dinosaur off of Mangia Pizza? He was patched up good, and the Mayor declared it to be Mangiasaurus Rex Day. Taco Xpress is going to be relocated a little down the street due to Walgreens wanting her spot. We once asked Maria if she was going to be able to make the new place just as funky, and she smiled and said "Even worse!" I hope they preserve as much of it as possible.

Here's the mural on the side, which is painted on siding so I hope it can be preserved. From left, that's Stephen Bruton, Charlie Sexton, Alejandro Escavedo, [sorry, can't identify the next two], and Papa Mali. Inside I noticed (for the first time today) that the walls were autographed by Dan Rather, Dennis Quaid, and maybe a bunch more. It's a great place to go on a beautiful day like today, or just about anytime. Maria's is a totally unique and wonderful place. Really good food and music too!

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