Saturday, October 01, 2005

Serenity Now!

I really think that you should brush up on a few episodes of the TV show, Firefly, before taking on Serenity. It's not that you need the background to appreciate what's happening, it's just that there is some closure on certain things and others resolved that may not mean very much to you otherwise. I'm not about to give it away. I hate it when people do that. Anyway, you can catch it on Friday early evening on the Sci-Fi channel, or rent the DVDs if you can find them on the shelves. Good luck with that right now.

I actually ordered the TV episodes on DVD. That's a first for me, although I do have an official ep of MST3K (Catalina Caper) on VHS. There are extra un-aired episodes on the set, so those and this movie are all the Firefly we will have for awhile. [deep sigh]

It's got a few similarities to Gunsmoke: Mal and Inara have this Matt Dillon/Miss Kitty unrequited thing going on. Jayne could be Festus. Dr. Simon and Shepherd could be composited into Doc. Chester? Maybe Wash.

The Alamo Drafthouse also aired a short on how to curse in Mandarin. The instructer got very tickled explaining how to say something about a big stinky fart. I think we all must have felt like we were 9 years old again for that! haha. Well, giggling is infectious, after all. Of course the Alamo's Mondo Tees have some cool designs for the series/movie. And I found out through reading AICN that the special roadshow viewing (with a couple of stars in attendance) was held at the "The Alamo" movie set out in the Dripping Springs area.

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