Saturday, October 15, 2005

-isms and isn't 'ems

Well, I've taken 2 of those online political quizzes, and have so far been deemed to be a Libertarian and a Socialist. The tests are all in fun, so I don't think I should put too much emphasis on the results. I really don't think I'm either of these things.

I do believe that it should be in the realm of the government's responsibility to make sure that people are not starving, homeless, and without health care. Taxes should be adequate, and the rich should be taxed much more than they are. I guess my utopia would minimize the extremes of rich and poor, and most people would be middle class. Most people would be able to afford to have quality of life. This would include paid time off and would not require working several jobs or unreasonable overtime.

I believe that public schools should be equally funded and equally effective. Children cannot help being born underprivileged and should be given a better shot at improving their lot in life. If that means bussing everybody to a safe area where there are good teachers and plenty of computers and good textbooks available, then let's do that. Bus the rich kids there too. Mix everybody up. Oh yeah, and college should be affordable too. And don't EVEN think of teaching religion in a public school. If you want that, fork up your money and get into a private religion-based school... without using my tax money.

I am big on human rights, civil rights and animal rights too, but I don't think all that makes me a socialist. It does stick me way on the left though. I claim that designation. I grew up poor, struggling and underprivileged so I guess this is the effect it had on me and my attitudes. I'm just not sure if I buy into any defined ideology (especially not something embraced by Nazis). Also, I'm for gun control and support ordinances that ban smoking so that automatically rules me out as Libertarian.

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