Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Coming out of the woodwork

Dubya is definitely losing his teflon coating. An economic who was Reagan's Asst. Secretary of the Treasury has compared Bush to Hitler in many ways:
"Bush is like Hitler," Paul Craig Roberts writes in a column entitled The Surge: Political Cover or Escalation?. "He blames defeats on his military commanders, not on his own insane policy."
[Link to full text]

Then, of all people, Oliver North goes on record saying that he thinks the surge is a bad idea, and that he has not found that the troops he has spoken to over there want this thing either. He says they want more Iraqi troops and more trainers for the Iraqi troops, not more American troops.

All found via Raw Story

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Undeniable Liberal said...

Wow, that link to Anti-War.com wa thought provoking. This could get f*cked-up in a hurry. The future's so bright I need night-vision goggles.