Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We prefer using ice to make margaritas

There it is! Our usually once-a-winter city-disabling ice event! The conditions vary wildly even in the same area, for instance, the Hill Country always catches this stuff worse than Austin itself. Usually Austin is more insulated than either the Hill Country, Houston or Dallas even though it's in the middle of them.

The thermometer on the wall says 28 (that's Fahrenheit) and it's not supposed to start thawing until tomorrow afternoon, so that's unusually long to keep ice on stuff. The Eric Johnson show that was supposed to be tonight has been rescheduled to Thursday. I scraped my pennies together for that one, and looking forward to it. It's been too long since we've heard Eric play -- esp. a whole show -- it's been nearly a year in fact.

I know it's hard for you folks who have to live through real winter to get all sympathetic toward us down here in the sub-tropics. But there's nothing like a winter day to bring out the weenie in a hot-blooded population of folks.


MichaelBains said...

Every year it's the same thing up here. Folks go "stoner" when it snows and forget how to drive in it.

Bizarro, don't ya know. Be safe and warm amiga.

Old Broad said...

Blueberry, we're in trouble out here. Ground completely covered in freaking SNOW and icicles just keep getting longer & thicker. I'm shocked we still have electricity. NO WAY in hell to get down our hill to the road. NONE. Well, I guess we could BOBSLED down, but no driving whatsoever. It is one big solid sheet of ice.

Blueberry said...

We had snow for about an hour, then it turned to sleet for awhile, but we have a light dusting of snow (with ice underneath and on top). I'm hoping for another day off from the day job tomorrow. My poor husband! His company is closed (and even lost power for half the day yesterday!) but they make him take his vacation time for the work stoppages. ASSES.

Nava said...

Wow - that looks cool!
TexieD complained to me that "The rental car was completely covered with ice. It's snowing right now. The roads are empty. I am the only guy at work". He lives here, but works in Austin most of the time.

We are just freezing our butts - with no cool pictures to show off. Deceiving blue sky, misleading sun - and insanely cold!

As for your husband's company - now. that's pure jerks!

Undeniable Liberal said...

I DO have sympathy for you tropical people. We in Michigan are used to it, but we don't have like it. It has been an unusual winter, to say the least.