Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Mr. Green Goes to Hollywood

There's a fairly new show on the Home and Garden Channel called "Living With Ed", and it's a reality-type show about Ed Begley Jr., a.k.a. Mr. Eco, and his fussy non-green bitch wife who fights his environmentally-friendly lifestyle tooth and freshly-painted nail. Click this link to watch the "trailer" on the show's MySpace.

Ed is truly walking the walk, putting his money where his mouth is, and doing everything possible not to be an ecologist-hypocrite. There he is, up on the roof, cleaning the solar panels so they will work better, cooking in his solar stove (that would definitely work here!)... and when he installs his rain barrel, for example, his wife throws an absolute fit! It's unattractive, you see (well, I must admit that the orange color of it is ugly. Ours is green. But who cares how it looks?). So she "uninstalls" it, forcing him to reinstall it every time they are expecting rain. It's really hard to believe that this couple ever got together, I guess opposites attract, at least sometimes... but I don't believe she could be THAT bad and still married to this guy.

There were actually a couple of cases where I empathized with her. For one thing, he times her minutes in the shower and calculates how many gallons of water she is using and keep yelling the reminders through the door. (Her water wastage is one his reasons for getting the rain barrel... and they DO live in a desert climate!) That kind of nagging would really drive me crazy, I must admit. If I were in her place, I'd use less water just to shut him up. Also, I can appreciate that eco-friendly light bulbs are just ugly when used in certain places. I have given Mr. B trouble occasionally when he has replaced my bulbs that use dimmer switches with fluorescent bulbs that are too bright, can't be dimmed with the switch, and are ugly. I do admire his efforts and appreciate that he does that though. What a great guy!! Keep it up Mr. B. (Mr. Blueberry and Mr. Begley!)

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pissed off patricia said...

Good for him for what he's doing and good for her for not killing him for timing her shower. I'm not sure I could be so kind.

Old Broad said...

I like him, too. And his wife sounds like a nightmare. We are getting a rainwater system this year and I can't wait. What with the drought here, depending on the well is just too iffy.
(The former Hill)