Friday, January 26, 2007

La La wLAN

Danger! Death Ray!
Well, it's time again to start feeling a little paranoid about things you love that might kill you or just make you wish you were dead... something you can't even see. Nobody can be sure if there's a real danger here without extensive testing.

From the Non-Toxic Times Newsletter:
In the simplest terms, wireless networks,which are also known as wLANs (wireless Local Area Networks) use a central antenna to send and receive digital signals from anyone with compatible computer equipment located within a certain radius. These signals are generally carried on the portion of the radio spectrum at and just slightly above 2.4 gigahertz. (A separate standard known as 802.11a uses a frequency of 5 gigahertz). Exposure to this low-level radiation is being blamed for a variety of ills in otherwise healthy people.

Experts believe that up to 5% of the general population may be unusually sensitive to exposure to the radiation generated by wireless networks and may suffer symptoms that include disturbed sleep, vision problems, depression, cardio-pulmonary difficulties, nausea, and headaches as a result.

So far no studies have been conducted to verify whether or not there’s a legitimate problem. Only anecdotal evidence exists to suggest that there might be. This evidence includes testimony from individuals who experience strange effects like a buzzing in the head, blurred vision, and an inability to stand up whenever wireless signals are encountered at work or home, and scattered reports of behavioral problems in children that ended as soon as nearby wireless transmitters were turned off. [read entire article]

Knowing my track record, I'm probably one of those 5%. I remember the scare on EMF a few years back (people were worried about the power lines and common household objects), and got the house tested (a free service from the electric company in that area). As expected, the microwave control panel was one of the worst offenders, but there were weird little "hotspots" all over the house where the readings were high. Mr. B won't let me use an electric blanket now. Not even sure if it was a bad offender, but all sorts of electrical devices make me wonder... oh, these cautious ways. One of the ways I show my age...


MB said...

Hey now! Thanks for reminding me that I wanna setup my wireless card again, now that I finally got another Wireless Router.

I don't need the nic, but I may as well use it, eh.

I mean, how could it make me any weirderer er? {-;

Blueberry said...

I always hear about people drivin' by and campin' out on your connection. Not sure how much that happens. If there is a prob with wLANs and the brain, we're in trouble here in one of the most wired towns anywhere.

Old Broad said...

We're the opposite on the cautious ways thing. Age has brought me to downright almost daredevil stunts. And it just keeps getting worse.

Blueberry said...

I was very reckless in my youth. Now I'm going the other way.