Sunday, August 05, 2007


It was a very nice Saturday evening over at Central Market where the Tea Merchants were playing. They are a 3-man band playing traditional Irish and Celtic music, or as they describe themselves on MySpace: "High-Energy TexaGaragIrish Trad! YeeHaw!!!". They play a combination of old trad songs and their own compositions, very good stuff. You have to go to the link and listen to Led Zeppelin Polkas.

That Central Market (on N. Lamar) is a good place for music. It's a big health food grocery (that I personally prefer over Whole Foods) and you can buy your dinner either from the restaurant inside, or in the store itself, including libations, and enjoy them on the large patio that adjoins a playground and a park. It's definitely a family venue, lots and lots of kids, dogs too, and grackles of course. We enjoyed a bottle of wine, a couple of good German beers, a baguette, hummus, wonderful olives and salad bar, while zoning out on music that seems to live more in my blood than in my head. I surely do love it.

The weather was beautiful too. No rain, and unseasonably cool for August (we are talking 90s, not 100s), with a nice breeze blowing as the sun set. Watching the kids dancing is always something that will make you smile.

Tea Merchants:

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Mando Mama said...

Sounds like a slice o' heaven. I wish we had more places like that up here, where you can bag yourself a dinner and eat it right outside. Been to a place or two like that in the South, but evidently they don't want that level of relaxed up here in Deceiveland. God forbid, people might actually turn happy!