Saturday, August 25, 2007

Another trip around the sun

Yes, I had a birthday yesterday. I try to avoid them but it's very difficult. I don't normally get a bunch of presents, and don't like to get them unless they are very inexpensive. MySpace is fun because it shows your birthday to all your Friends, and it they happen to notice it they tend to leave comments. This video, from a band called "Venice", just cracked me up! What a brilliant idea. After their little birthday song and dance there are a couple of their songs so it's great marketing on a grassroots level. There was also a link to a Hobbitty Birthday song sung by Marc Gunn of the Brobdingnagian Bards. (How to pronounce it)

My friend over the pond sent over a great-looking beret with... TA-DA... cats on it. of course, I love it. She also sent over some Shaun the Sheep episodes (a Wallace and Gromit style sheep show). If the embedding doesn't work, watch it here. Very infectious!!!

Mr. B really surprised me because he got me a big helium balloon with Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow on it! Normally we don't do gifts, and he may not want to do this one again because this balloon is going to last a looooooong time (unless it has a mishap).


Mando Mama said...

Ha! What fun videos. Sounds like you had a righteous celebration. Here's to Jack surviving the cats!


Nava said...

Fun birthday!! And great gifts all over!!

Blueberry said...

I think Jack is more threatened by MrB. I believe he's jealous of a balloon (that HE gave me). I am going to give it to the next kid I see on the block before it developes a "leak".

Kay said...

Happy happy birthday!