Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Par for the course

I am back on the hamster wheel until late September, and not sure if there will be relief in October. Like yesterday, it was the kind of day that exhausts me. Up at 5, little rush jobs completed before leaving for the day job by 7, worked at the day job for 7 hours, spent an hour or 2 at the doctor, then home to work for 4 more hours -- with an hour and a half of down-time for dinner and some TV. Tired eyes. Today will hopefully be a teensy bit better. Apologies out there in blogland. I am not meaning to ignore anyone, just trying to keep pace. The long weekend will allow more time to work, but I am not planning on missing the big BatFest on Congress, at least on Saturday. A diversion!

In other news, Gonzales gone! Soon to be replaced with yet another unqualified Bush crony. Is there no end to the list? Hope I'm wrong. Pardon my cynicism. {yawn} Just wondering who else might get swept out in this bout of house cleaning? Seems like Cheney is doing a heckuva job but needs more time with his family, not to mention health concerns. Sound like a plausible set of reasons to leave. Dare we hope?

Bummer to hear about Owen Wilson. It's always shocking to see someone who does comedy roles do something so unfunny. After his breakup, people said "oh he's fine. He's partying". Well, duh. He's an actor. How can you tell how he's really feeling? Hope there's help for broken hearts... somewhere, somehow. Isn't it a pity?

That's it's for random observations. Anyone got a good joke, funny story, some cheer?

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Ellie said...

I was sorry to hear about Owen Wilson too. I like his work. I can't believe someone would go over the edge because of Kate Hudson, if that's the reason.

Re the hampster wheel, I hear you sister! I'm there myself. In fact the ALC fest is in jeopardy.