Thursday, August 30, 2007

Catblogging - Did you pack your own bag?

Henry is practicing for his new job as a bag-checker for airport security, and since his Dad's going to St. Louis for the weekend, he has a bag to practice on. First of all, this bag is plenty big, so there's room to take him on-board. If he can't go, he will send along some hair. His aunties are very allergic to cats, so it will make an impression. Henry wants to know if you are packing any liquids... and if not... would you like some? Well, this suitcase is really pretty boring and contains no toys, catnip or contraband, so his work is done, and the luggage has been properly scent-marked.

All clear! have a nice flight!

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Jojo said...

My cat does the same thing. I have to lock her out of the bedroom when I pack. ;-)

Ptelea said...

My kitties also do this. When they do, it makes me want to take them with me!!

MichaelBains said... his work is done, and the luggage has been properly scent-marked.

He. Did. Not!



Great pics!

Blueberry said...

hee hee! Yes he did, but he just wiped the side of his face and mouth all over, so it's rather scented more of his frontside than his backside. Nice cat-breath-scented everything.

I've learned that when cats rub their faces on something, including a human, it means they are scent-marking it as a signal and sign of ownership. ;-)

Mando Mama said...

LOL! He might also have considered putting a few things in a clear plastic snack baggie.