Monday, August 06, 2007

Hail Me a Cab

I believe that I may have been whacked upside the head by this band. Death Cab For Cutie. I've had the following song stuck in my head for 2 days now. It gets airplay locally (on the Indie-oriented stations), and for all I know it's the biggest hit song in the world. You see, I don't listen to Clear Channel or any top 40 radio or watch VH1/MTV, so I'm a little out of it (and not sorry, I just have other ways of being exposed to music).

Here, take a listen: I Will Follow You Into the Dark

(filmmaker's commentary)

So in browsing for more like that, I came across this gem that I've heard quite a bit, but can't tell you exactly where. It's just very familiar. It's a real beauty. The band's music is very melodic, haunting, and sweet sounding. The singing is great. Now I've got THIS one stuck in my head. Soul Meets Body

Both of these songs are fairly old (a year or two?). I don't even own any of their music and don't know much about them. Not yet anyway. Looks like there's a lot to choose from in the "bins".

Official YouTube DCFC channel
YouTube DCFC search



enigma4ever said...

This past weekend I posted a Hopper Exhibit....and the music is haunting...and yes, it is Death Cab for Cutie....come on over it is the Diner Scene from this weekend- Saturday...and click the title...enjoy...

Nava said...

Haven't heard any of these either. But then again, I am not an example, as I listen to Israeli music most of the time.

Love both films, too. Especially The second one.

Th' Rev said...

Death cab is awesome!I got hooked by this song as well.Check out the singers other project,the postal's death cab electronica.

Mando Mama said...

OMG! Those note balloons floating everywhere are unlawfully cute! Look! There they go! Out to sea! Buhbyyyye little notes! Oh I am slain by cuteness. What a fun idea for a video. They get points for that, far as I'm concerned.

Blueberry said...

The even have "cutie" in the band name! ;-)