Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I must be missing something.

[NEWS LINK] I understand that the previous owner of this cat along with 27 other seized cats is going to be undergoing psychological counseling and promising not to bring any more animals into her home.

What I don't understand is the judge allowing this woman to continue to keep 3 of the cats in her "care".
Video shot by the Austin Police Department showed signs of animal cruelty and malnourishment. The animals were living without proper food, water, shelter and medical care. One cat was found dead in upstairs closet, autopsies at Town Lake Animal Center later revealed that it had been dead for several months.

I just sent a small donation (about all I can spare) to the Humane Society of Austin, it's going to be tough and $$$ for them to handle that many new cats. This Humane Society is no-kill. Town Lake Animal Center, where they were originally taken, is a kill shelter. I know that even 3 more cats would be an impossible burden on the Humane Society, but I don't know how to excuse the judge allowing them to be left in the possession of a proven abuser.

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