Saturday, November 17, 2007

Nice long list of naughties

Pam's House Blend has posted about the "One News Network's" list of stores that they view as participating in The War on Christmas by not openly mentioning the word Christmas in their store advertising (calls them "naughty") ONN Source here.

I find it interesting that all these nuts who think they are fighting The War on The War on Christmas really DO seem to think that the true meaning of it is all about shopping, otherwise why would they care WHAT retailers are doing!?! They want to make laws to force retail stores to commit to a certain religion? [fascists]

I am glad that there is such a long list of major chains who have at least stopped promoting a particular religion. That doesn't mean I will shop at them any more than usual. I do pick up an item here and there but really prefer buying local or second-hand. And if I see the word "Christmas" emblazoned on any store's display or advertising, it will definitely keep me out of there.

I have a theory that we are reaching a tipping point in this holiday shopping frenzy. Even people I know who are christians and loooove christmas are getting sick and tired of the shopping push being so extreme and starting earlier and earlier every year. I saw full rows of xmas decorations in Target in mid-October!! I remember that even 20 years ago things were not this bad, and xmas didn't go into full swing until Thanksgiving at the earliest... [full Old Blevins boring you on a barstool mode on] and when I was a kid... back when 'toys" consisted of a tin can found at the dump and some old pieces of rope... and you didn't put up your crappy silver foil tree until Christmas Eve. [/Old Blevins off]

I have my own personal War on Christmas Depression. Is there a christmas-free planet? Can I move there for a couple of months?

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niCk (Mem Beth) said...

It has always amused me how "Christians" celebrate this season which has their idol's name on it.

It's like they enjoy insulting their idol and doing the opposite of what that man taught.