Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend roundup

We're having a really nice weekend, some great music, and getting to visit with people we haven't seen in awhile. The Greencards (who might as well be called "Two Aussies and a Brit" as often as it's used in the media to describe them) were in town on Thursday, playing at the Saxon Pub. Seeing them now is a rare delight since they haven't been playing as much in Austin. We took this video, which is missing the first couple of seconds, but no matter -- it is just some amazing playing! That's Robbie Gjersoe on guitar.

Warren Hood opened for them (with Willie Pipkin, ex-Jug Band), and also sat in with them for a few numbers. He tells us that The Greencards are going to be on the Waybacks record that's being made right now -- and sure enough, if you go to the Waybacks site there are pics of the recording session that includes not only The Greencards but The Infamous Stringdusters as well -- all fueled up with brew and singing at the same time. It must have been a real harmonic convergence. I'm sure it will sound great and not anything like what we used to do at parties when I was in my 20s -- tape ourselves in a big group singing while drunk. Usually not a good idea if you aren't musically talented while sober, the booze only makes you think you sound good. Not the case with these guys, they are top-notch musicians to the last man and woman.

We hung around afterward to visit a little (actually it was about an hour), and also got to say Hi to a few others hanging around that we are more or less acquainted with, like Kara Grainger (another Austin-centric Aussie who we've met a couple of times -- very up-and-coming, you should definitely check her out... think 20-something Bonnie Raitt) and Kevin Connor from ME Television and KUT radio (previously KGSR radio). We have crossed paths with Kevin on quite a few occasions and for many reasons. We also saw lots of people we know at the shows, just big Greencards fans -- mostly ones who go back a few years back like us. An evening of great music, hugs, and rousing conversation.

Friday we were wiped out from going to bed at midnight and getting up at 5 for work, so we recovered that day (we are old, and require more repair time than some of you youngins). Not really soaring with the eagles on Friday.

Saturday evening there was a nice house party at Van Wilks' house. Lots of musicians at that one too, several that we know. It's great to hear the stories, sit around little "campfires" on a nice cool evening, great snacks, good jams on the stage and elsewhere. The stories are always priceless. So another evening of music, hugs and good conversation.

I am still buried in work, and working every day, but making an effort to fit in more personal time. I am turning down work left and right, and it breaks my heart because I really want to do some of these projects, but I've really got to step back for awhile. Life is too important.


MichaelBains said...

Thanks for sharin' that totally kickin' jam! You know I'm a rocker,, but hearing some cat rail on ANY kinda stringed instrument that well, well, it totally Rocks indeed!

Take care, BB.

Blueberry said...

Yeah, the kids are alright!

Mando Mama said...

That was awesome. And I'm uber glad you're taking a little step back from the grinder. You're right. Life is too important.

konagod said...

I work at a BIG (but soon to be smaller -- read the Statesman tomorrow) ad agency in Austin and we had the Greencards in the agency a few months ago doing a few songs for the employees. It was great.