Thursday, November 22, 2007

Purrsday Night and Black Friday

Henry would like to remind you that it's Snuggle Time, in fact, it's half-past Snuggle Time, so come a little closer... prrrrrrr... and Jax just wants to mention that if you are going out for "Black Friday" in the shops, don't forget about him. (pssst... he likes flannel... and food).

Speaking of two cats, and we always are around this place, here is a really funny vid featuring a couple of talkers. I just it found via Cute Overload.

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konagod said...

The holidays have me totally mixed up on the days. This feels like a Sunday, and yet I have to do a pussy post.

Cats & flannel.... that sounds kinda hairy.

Blueberry said...

I'm thinking of getting him some flannel pants, especially while we are trying to get him to grow out his belly hair. ;-)

This does feel like Sunday. Glad it's not!

Nikita said...

That was very funny! ;-D

Kay said...

The expression on Henry's face is priceless! That video was too funny. Thanks for sharing.