Sunday, November 18, 2007

Nickel Creek, Farewell (For Now)

Listen in the background: Full concert streamed via NPR -- Live from Washington D.C.

The big event this weekend was the Nickel Creek show at Stubb's. My favorite band since early 2001. Last summer they issued an announcement that the band would break up at the end of 2007, so here it is. They had just 3 shows to do after Stubb's -- 2 at the Ryman in Nashville. For the breakup they went with a scheduled demolition instead of letting attrition wear them down -- possibly postponing the inevitable for years -- hanging on for way too long like those last seasons of The X-Files. I was really bummed about it at first, and although I still feel sad, I can see that it's necessary. These guys have been in a band together since a couple of them were 8 and the other 12. They spent 18 years in that band... they've grown up and are growing out. It happens.

It was a fantastic show, and one of the highlights was that our young friend Sarah Jarosz was called up onto the stage during the last encore (she was in the crowd and had to be lifted up over the rail to the stage), so that she even got to take the final final bow with the band!! We met her and her parents waiting in the Nickel Creek line a few years ago. Her dad told us later that although she has shared the stage with Chris Thile a lot (along with every other mandolin god you can think of and a few fiddle, guitar, and songwriter gods as well -- see the pics on her MySpace at the link) (I took one of those shots!), she had never gotten to play on stage with Nickel Creek before. It was AWESOME! I think she is about 16 by now, maybe 17? Not sure. They are really nice people. In fact, all the NC hard-core fans I've met are extremely nice folks. Most of the ones we've met are also musicians. Maybe being in Austin has something to do with that (seems like most people I meet are either musicians or photographers... guitar-playing photographers)

NC has called this last tour "Farewell (For Now)", and I really hope that if they ever do get back together as a band for touring or recording, it will be because of the music, and not just because they need money. I realize that it's a livelihood and everybody's gotta make a living and all, but as sad as the breakup is -- if they get back together just for money and not passion for the music, that situation will be a lot sadder.

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Mando Mama said...

I am lame for not getting to a Farewell show. I saw Nickel Creek only once, trying to play through a thunderstorm in West Virginia during a songwriting fest. They had to clear the stage for the lightning. But they went inside this really old farmhouse there on the property (I think it was a la green room) and jammed quite a while.

Sarah J has totally impressed me. When talent that solid and pure is already there at such a tender age, what is that, I mean, other than amazing? I sure wish I knew what I was supposed to be doing the way some of these incredible players do. Don't we all?

Blueberry said...

I'm thinking it's partly in the genes and partly how you are raised. Musically oriented families can keep it going for generations. Encouragement, exposure, support. All good stuff.

I saw Creek 11 times plus Chris with Mike Marshall a couple of shows. Here's my fangirl page for them.