Friday, November 02, 2007

This Week in the Yard

Beautiful almost solid orange butterfly (called a Dryas Julia) enjoying the end of the Orange Cosmos flowers' season. Lots of butterflies everywhere!

Hollow egg of a House Sparrow. Looks like maybe a predator got this one. There was a hole poked in it and nothing inside. It was just just sitting on the edge of this chimenea until a light breeze blew it down.

Butterflies like these gather on this tree. Must be delicious sap. What good camo, except for that orange spot, which might be good camo too if our leaves were turning...

Not quite good enough for this one though... either that or this "preying" mantis knows where they hang out.

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Ptelea said...

I am enjoying your bug posts - these images are really cool. Isn't it amazing how much you find when you look this closely? (this is EXACTLY why I became a biologist so that I would have an excuse to spend time "studying" all of this)