Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Al Qaeda trash talk

So #2 thinks he can get Obama all in a huff over a few old-fashioned racial slurs. Obama has had to endure worse than that very recently from Americans, everyone from everyday ignorant racists to talk radio hosts to members and so-called members of his own party {like Ms. "inadequate black male"}.

That guy might be Number 2, but I'll tell you what. He does not have Obama's number, and he doesn't know where his goat is tied either.

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Blueberry said...

I can't completely escape from the hillbilly slang. Growing up, when someone said "I got your goat" you would respond "You don't even know where he's tied."

I don't even know if people tie up goats. I would fence in my goat, if I had one, and I wouldn't tell you where his fence was. ;-)

I wonder about the origin of that expression.