Friday, November 21, 2008

Sarah Palin - Perky and turkey

During the 3 minutes of this TV interview with Sarah Palin, 2 turkeys are killed in the background. You may have seen a blurred-out version on MSNBC or elsewhere, but this one is not.
The purpose of her appearance there was to pardon a turkey, but this makes it all seem very surreal.

Direct link to vid on Youtube. (Seems to be taking awhile to load, but I imagine it's getting a lot of plays)


WeezieLou said...

simply cannot watch slaughtered, harmless animals. a pox on her house!

Blueberry said...

She's as cold as the place she's from. And that's very, very cold.

Patrick Roberts said...

this interview demonstrates Sarah Palin's cunning ability to use the media for her own ends. For example, the turkey in the background is designed to appear accidental... in reality she put that flailing bird directly behind her to warn anyone who might oppose her rise to power: Submit now or die.

Th' Rev said...

Why is the MSM so preoccupied with this train wreck?I have to admit she is good fodder...this is a more than perfect example,but for ridicule.Not what seems to be happening.
BTW...I saw the 7 albums thing and Close to the edge rules!I bought the ultimate yes 35th anniversary box set a while back-highly recommend.
my other 6...
Blind Faith
Black Sabbath Vol.4
Exile on main street
Damn the torpedoes (tom)
Humble Pie live at the fillmore
Ministry The last Sucker

Blueberry said...

Rev: Exile on Main Street was definitely a contender! Blind Faith, also on a favorites list.

Yes at the Backyard a few years ago is one of our favorites concerts ever. (I saw them 3 times, 70s, 90s, 00s)

PR: interesting take. She's definitely a Dominionist type of Christian, IMHO. I don't see how it could possibly have been an accident.