Sunday, November 09, 2008

Weekend part one: Friday

We love Calexico! I got there really early and was first in line, dragging the reluctant MrB. He likes to to mosey in later, but I am not so good at moseying when it comes to these things. I like to watch most shows from the front, so getting there early is the best and most polite way to do it, plus there's the added benefit of getting to hear soundcheck and occasionally chatting with a band member. We did get to chat with Joey Burns a few minutes, who signed my CD and even asked us if we had any requests. I asked him if he minded if we took some video, and he was OK with that so here 'tis. Sam Beam (Iron and Wine) just lives a few miles down the road, and he sat in with the band for a couple of numbers. They have recorded together quite a bit. Great show.

Bend to the Road

In the Reins (with Sam Beam). I am so enchanted by this song. What a beauty.

Across the Wire

It was a really nice weekend with beautiful weather (November, I love you). More about the rest of it later.

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