Monday, November 03, 2008

Autumn events

Halloween at our house was just like it is every year. The doorbell rang non-stop from 7-9pm, and we ran out of candy. It's mostly really little kids in off-the-rack costumes, although there are a few teenagers out there too. Cute but annoying. We always vow to not be home next year, but always are. Thanks to the ability to pause live TV, we were able to watch in full some of the H.P. Lovecraft-based movies from the 1960s on AMC. Check out The Haunted Palace starring Vincent Price here. Fun stuff.

We went to the Celtic Festival on Saturday. I always look forward to it, and hope for a bit of cool weather, which didn't happen. It was around 85° and the humidity was rising - which made me kind of tired after the wonderful dry air we've had lately.

I was browsing the tent shops with my beer in hand, and one of the shopkeepers said "what you need with that Guinness is a taste of haggis," to which I replied "oh... I don't think so. There's meat in it." That was supposed to be funny, since I think haggis is pretty much all meat (of the mystery kind)(but probably less mysterious than hot dogs). And he replied with the most surprising answer, they have Vegetarian Haggis! OK, I had to try it, and it was actually pretty tasty. It was oily and I think he mentioned pine nuts, which would account for the price of it: $10 per can. It's a little cheaper than that on their website though - Caledonian Kitchen. They also had whiskey cakes in a can, and all sorts of stuff I don't normally eat.

I just hadn't put any haggis money in my budget for the day (who knew there would be edible haggis?), but did budget for a CD by John Williams. Not the one who's done all the movie themes, this one is a founding member of the band Solas, and is a wonderful celtic-flavored accordion, concertina, and flute player who tours and records with guitar player Dean Magraw.

The most wonderful thing about this weekend was that it's the last one before the election, and we will be getting a break from these damn campaigns for at least a year. I am nervous about this one. I always am. Not sure if I want to watch the results in a public place preparing for celebration this time, or in a fetal position with my head under the covers like I usually do. Maybe this is the year for the public place.


konagod said...

I might let you keep the vegetarian haggis to yourself. I'll stick with the vegetarian chicken-fried steak.

Ingrid said...

for the last couple of years we've been wanting to go but somehow always miss this year.
Dirk's been dealing with his sinus infection and we were just chilling this weekend..
perhaps next year..

Blueberry said...

kona:Those Boca "chicken" patties in the freezer case are pretty good. I'll stick with them too, esp. since the price and fat content are both a LOT lower.

ingrid: sinus infection? Ugh. Misery.

Mando Mama said...

The Celtic fest sounds like it was fun, but I'd take a pass on haggis of any variety, thanks. Just the name, "HAGGIS" -- I've just never gotten beyond the sound of that, sort of like "HEAD CHEESE."

"THAT" John Williams is pretty groovy, I must say! I think he did a recording with Tim O of all old time mountain stuff to release with the Cold Mountain book (not the movie soundtrack). Is he the John Williams who is into zen? I think his wife/partner is Meredith? Anyway, how cool you got to see him, I didn't think folks like that toured anymore.

Hm. Whiskey cake. Sounds tasty right about now. I wish I had a can myself as by this time tomorrow I'll want to be in some sort of food-induced coma.

Blueberry said...

Ah yes... head cheese. I admit that I have eaten it. My grandmother and mother used to make it, and we also bought it at the store. As a current vegetarian, it's one of those things that I will never miss. "Real" haggis is not something I've tried, but *have* eaten a few regrettable items in the meat category way back when.

John Williams I have seen at the Celtic festival here twice. He's wonderful. I'm a sucker for that button accordion! ;-)

I could go for a whiskey cake or a rum cake. I admit that I have been stress-eating these last few days, and nail-biting.