Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nanobamas - a series of tubes

This is a Nanobama. This face is about 10X the width of a human hair. It's made from ~150 million carbon nanotubes standing side-by-side, which are grown by a high-temp chemical reaction. The photos of the little sculptures are taken with an electron microscope.

Why do this? Because it's cool, and because they can. Click the link above for more nano goodies, Flickr link, and learn how they do it.


DrDon said...

Well, I'm glad that the promise of high tech carbon nanotubes isn't being wasted on something frivolous.

Blueberry said...

I don't mind the frivolous use so much as long as it's for art's sake. What really bothers me is nano-this or that going into my food, drugs and clothing - even if it's with my knowledge, I just don't know what effect they will have in the long run (no one does).

DrDon said...

Yeah, you might have little nano-Obama's rolling through your system right now! Maybe that's how he won the election. Our food was tainted with nano-Obama's that made us all vote for him. Maybe the whole Obama hysteria was nothing more than an artifact of perverse polymer partisanship.

So, that means it had to be put in a food more likely to appeal to Democrats and Independents. Can't be red meat. Any ideas?

Blueberry said...

Red meat is certainly not the way I got mine!
We have to account for the Republican shift to the left - they've been injecting them into the meat of moose and caribou, so when Sarah Palin winks, they are expelled and shoot into the observer through the eyeballs.