Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend part two: Saturday

Who doesn't love dinosaurs? When I was about 7, I wanted to be a paleontologist. I had all the flash cards, books and plastic collections (which included cavepeople!), and could tell you all about each and every dino, and this was all heightened by watching the movie Dinosaurus! and stopping at cheesy roadside miniature golf courses.

The years went by, and dream jobs evaporated. These days I can't even name most of these guys, there are so many new species and sub-species that have been discovered. Here's one that I did know, Dimetrodon:

Not this one, though. This is not even a dinosaur, it's an archosaur called Postosuchus. It's an extremely badass crocodile ancestor. grrrrr.

All these (and many more) fake but very realistic-looking creatures can be seen over at Zilker Botanical Garden until the end of the month.

Almost as much fun as the dino models were the several dozen little wooden dinos that had been decorated by area school kids. Very creative and cute. Here's the Texasaurus:

...and the Keep Austin Weird South Austin Hippie Dino:

Saturday was a perfect weather day, and we did the dinos, walked some of the Lady Bird Lake trail. Lunch at Shady Grove took 2.5 hours because of wait times, but we definitely didn't even care. Cold microbrews and watching grackles sporting french fries in their mouths like fat cigars... and Shady has the best onion rings I've ever had... ever. It was a pretty good day.


DrDon said...

Dinosaurus was awesome! Except, as always, I hated the kid in the movie. But I guess the Brontosaurus and caveman had to have a friend. I think the meat eater was supposed to be an Allosaurus but I don't remember if they ever said. Still the fight with the backhoe was great.

Ingrid said...

I keep passing by on our way back from school..till when is this thing on?? Great pics btw...
boy, you have the most fun weekends..helps not having kids doesn't it??[g] (ok, grumpy anti-kid mood right mothers have our moments..)


Blueberry said...

DrDon: I saw it again about 3 years ago in a theater. Funny how everybody thought that people and dinosaurs existed together. Some people still think that -- Sarah Palin for example.

Ingrid: It's there until the end of the month. I can't imagine trying to manage kids. Instead we can do stuff that's fun for all ages -- and most of the bands I see are the right age to be my kids (and some people that I work for too). Weird part of getting older...