Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally here or finally found - music

Back to the routine today! I've been off from the "day job" since Nov. 19 - but it hasn't been a vacation. It hasn't even been a STAY-cation, it's one step down from that - a WORK-ation. That's when you take off work in order to get other work done. I've been doing that for many many years, so I might be unredeemable. I'm beginning to think that the cure for workaholism is death. I enjoy the work though. This is a recently completed project. It's CD art for Dennis Ludiker, who happens to be the Texas State Champion Fiddler (with a belt buckle to prove it), but I think everybody playing on this is a veteran champion player. It's an album of really fine picking (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass), progressive acoustic and some swing jazz. Really good stuff! Working on the website for it now, and also a related website. Full linkage coming when ready.

My main shopping indulgence (meaning "spending money impractically") is CDs and occasionally DVDs. I get a good bargain or nothing these days, anything not priced to sell stays on the shelf, and with the budget crunch on, I buy less quantity. This is a DVD that just came out, and it's an amazing live concert video from Eric Johnson. This is the only modern EJ full length live video you can get. He appears in the G3 video as one of three featured guitarists, and the Austin City Limits video was shot 20 years ago in 1988. This one costs around $15 and you can get it through his website (or at Waterloo Records locally)

Here is a band called Shearwater (like EJ, they are Austin-based) that, amazingly, I have only just discovered. They have a beautiful English prog sound, cross between late 60s/early 70s (think softer side of ELP) and Alan Parsons, plus a vibe from the Olde Days. Have a listen on their website, linked above. Yes, I'm enchanted with a new band. {sigh} I'm pretty sure we have already missed those "knew-them-when" days for this band, as they had a huge buzz during SXSW (one of the bands we didn't see), did a small tour opening for Coldplay (not too shabby) and are now touring the UK. Now I don't even know when I'll be able to see them, and I imagine their local shows will be packed and probably pricey.

Maybe SXSW next year will bring an opportunity to see them (hopefully free), along with giving me some *actual* time off.

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Ellie said...

I have the Eric Johnson DVD and I also wrote a review on Amazon about it. My only complaint, it's too short. But most of his devoted fans would say the same thing. Actually it's as long as any musician's performance DVD.
Side note: TT mentions my good friend Ross Perry in his Thank you section. Classy guys all of them.

Blueberry said...

Yeah, they shoot for that hour-long TV broadcast in most cases, but it does have those extra acoustic ones.