Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Incredible. I had my doubts, I thought there was the possibility that the election might be rigged, or that the machines would fail, people wouldn't actually get out and vote, the Palin dazzle would fog the heads of men and women alike, that we would, indeed, be stuck with a permanent Republican rule, and a permanent spiral into the vortex of hatred, theocracy, corporatocracy and eventually full-blown Fascism.

Shame on you, all those people who could not bring themselves to vote for a person of color. Shame on all you people who judge others by measures that do not matter, and never should have mattered. It's about time we moved past things like that, and maybe the majority of us in this country have done that.

We did go out to one of the local left-wing political haunts, Scholtz Garten. I took these videos immediately following the announcement on MSNBC (where all the TVs were tuned). Crazy crap. Enjoy! From that little blue oasis in the sea of red...

It just went on and on and on like that! :-)
And here is the hootfest that accompanied John McCain's little speech:

And some pics from the patio (the Obama Palooza sign was my creation):

ADDENDUM, morning after: Austin 6th St. street party, with video

Also, congratulations to Jay Nixon (D), the next Governor of Missouri!! I thought highly of him while I lived there and he was Attorney General, partly because he really stuck it to our corrupt ex-brother-in-law. (no names will be mentioned here)

And, another quick comment... suck it Liddy Dole. How dare you suggest that religious freethinkers are somehow an enemy of the good. I've got more ethics in my big toenail than you will ever have in your entire being.


Nava said...

What Palin dazzle?

I had my doubts to, but I was never so happy to be wrong!!!


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I held my breath until the polls on the west coast closed but as soon as they called it for Obama I did my happy dance. We did it! We won!

Mando Mama said...

After all evening, I managed to MISS IT while in the kitchen, washing a cat dish. When I went in, he had 207. When I came out, he had 284. I don't know how it happened, but in the future I guess I have to treat elections like sporting events: when my favorite team is losing, they never fail to come back if I leave the room. Please remind me of this in 2012!

Looks like Austin was fun!


Border Explorer said...

Good times! Austin--God bless you. Consider El Paso your far western suburb.
The whole world is shouting "hooray."

Blueberry said...

nava: some people just can't resist a gun-toting beauty queen.

DrM: I was going on my one-too-manyth beer by then ("Blue Moon" was my appropriately-named choice) so it was the happiest of happy dances.

MM: That's really how it was. I was sitting there nail-biting at 207, saying "come on Florida, come on something... happen already!" and then they called the whole election suddenly. I almost didn't get the camera out in time.

BE: I looked at El Paso's numbers. You also did Texas proud. The state stayed red but we showed our color.