Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holidays in Austin - Part 1

The holidays are here, at least for me... and my "holidays" I don't mean "holy days" or "holly days," I mean I took this week off work and next week the office is closed! It's another staycation in Austin, we are stuck here but it's a great place to be stuck. We are celebrating having been living here for a full 10 years (more on that saga in another post). As for the holidaze, they are going pretty well so far.

Friday night, we went to (radio station) KGSR's anniversary party. Tickets were free but you had to win them. The lineup was great: Quiet Company, Alpha Rev, the legendary Joe Ely (with full band) and Old 97s... all local bands (97s are Dallas-based but Rhett Miller was born in Austin).
Alpha Rev - Colder Months (song about missing loved ones)

Joe Ely - Midnight Train (with tasty guitar from David Grissom)

Old 97s - Won't Be Home (this one is not our video)

Really enjoyed all of the bands. Haven't seen Old 97s in quite a few years. With Rhett Miller on vocals, they just cowpunk-rocked my socks off. More videos from Old 97s on Amy's channel.

Well, I've only managed to cover Friday, Dec. 17th, and now it's almost time to head out to house concert with MilkDrive so this topic is to be continued...

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Staycations can be the best! Sounds like yours will be full of music.