Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas blues and rock 'n' roll

We've been having a great time getting out to see some of our fabulous local bands. Thursday's happy hour we went to the Lucky Lounge to see Ian McLagan, who has a residency there. "Mac" is a founding member of the Small Faces (with the awesome Steve Marriott) and then the Faces (with that other crooner... Rod "the Mod" Stewart). He's the keyboardist and wrote a lot of the songs so the music is fulled with Faces vibe. Since we were off work, we were able to get there and sit in the "living room" that's right in front of the stage. Enjoyed the hell out of it. Mac's band includes one of our favorite Austin sidemen guitarists, Scrappy Jud Newcomb. Always amazes.

Xmas Eve we went out the Saxon Pub for a real bash. Warren Hood and the Goods, plus quite a few stellar guests, great players. Where to get started... Warren's band usually has the amazing Emily Gimble on keyboard/jazz vocals, but in this video Marcia Ball is sitting in with a soulful and bluesy Bells Will Be Ringing with Cindy Cashdollar on slide. I also want to mention that Willie Pipkin is one of our favorite guitar players in town. Always great.
Carolyn Wonderland played a few with Cindy too. Carolyn has been getting a lot more exposure out in the world lately. Give her a google if you love the blues. Here she is with Cindy rocking some Chuck Berry Christmas on Run Run Rudolph.
Today (December 25th) we are going to a movie matinee, and will get some couch time tonight with Henry (if he feels like joining us), a roaring fire, and The Doctor.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sounds like a lovely (Christmas) day!

Professor Chaos said...

Forget Heaven, I want to go to Austin when I die.

Blueberry said...

Prof: Don't wait until you die! ;-)