Sunday, December 12, 2010

Music docs

Stones in Exile

I believe this video was a companion piece to the recent re-mastered re-release of Exile on Main Street. (We have not yet heard the new version of it.) This film takes the present day band back to the recording of the album, and to the places and people who were there at the time. A couple of the locations are Keith Richards' Villa Nellcôte, a 19th century sixteen room mansion on the waterfront in Villefranche-sur-Mer (once the headquarters of the Gestapo in France), and Mick Jagger's Stargroves, a magnificent 16th century manor once occupied by Oliver Cromwell and later by Rod Stewart. Not only was Exile partly recorded there, but also some major stuff from the Who, Led Zeppelin and others. It's kind of funny at times seeing them trying to figure out, amongst themselves, what exactly happened and where. I don't think some of those mysteries will ever be solved.

The film includes a little footage from the banned (but bootlegged) Cocksucker Blues which I blogged a bit about last year, a film where we are shocked to discover that the Stones and entourage are neck-deep in the sex and drugs that go with rock and roll. Stones in Exile also includes interviews with modern-day Anita Pallenberg and Mick Taylor, and a disturbing interview with Liz Phair, who really creeped me out by making it obvious that Exile on Main Street is more than her favorite album, it's her religion. I've seen that happen to people up close and personal. It's hard to tell where the lines are or where they should be when you are delving deep into the worship of something or someone.

As an extreme fan, though, I don't think that Liz can hold a candle to the subjects of this next movie, I Think We're Alone Now. Trailer is below.
Jeff Turner and Kelly McCormick are both extremely obsessed with and delusional over 80's pop singer Tiffany. This movie not only sheds light on that quirk that they share but express differently, but Jeff has Asperger's Syndrome and Kelly is a hermaphradite identifying as female but struggling through related issues. I really recommend this one if you can find it. (official website)

White Stripes: Under Great White Northern Lights, trailer below.

This is a tour documentary covering Canada, and the band got as far out in the boonies and sought out the "real" places as much as possible, turning up in lots of unexpected places. What stands out about it is the relationship between Meg and Jack - how each one drives the other while they play, and the continued love and dependence they still share above and beyond divorce. Sweet.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

It was big BIG news in Canada when the White Stripes band was touring through our cities, throwing impromptu little free concerts in the most unlikely spots. I'd love to see the documentary -- it will probably come through our "art cinema" sooner or later here in Edmonton.


my friend shady lane in Austin late husband was tour manager for the stones when they went to Europe back in the 60's 70's..boy does she have some stories to tell.

Blueberry said...

Debra: it's on DVD if you want to look for it there.
YDG: I would love to hear those stories. I'm reading Keith's book now but not very far into it yet.