Wednesday, December 07, 2005

100 Things

I snagged the graphic from I finally got around to coming with a 100 things. Might be too-much-information. Sorry about that in advance, but here goes:

Why Blueberry?

1. The moniker Blueberry is inspired by my little Blueberry iBook, my first laptop...
2. ... I am a recovering Moody Blues fan, a fandom with lots of blue things...
3. ... my eyes are dark blue, same color as Elijah Wood...
4. ...and my mother's eyes were the same color, but I've only seen it a couple of other times.
5. It gets mistaken for a fake color. It's not.
6. ...and my car is blue and matches my eyes...
7. ...and my first post on this blog that refers to an article calling Austin a "blueberry in the ketchup".

Love-Hate Trivia

8. My favorite color is... PURPLE.
9. My favorite food is peppers.
10. My favorite drink is wine.
11. I hate yams, sweet potatoes, or whatever you want to call them, especially candied.
12. I hate maraschino cherries.
13. I hate the smell of cigars.
14. I cannot/will not live in the same house with a motorcycle... not again.
15. I hate engaging in sports and enjoy watching an extremely limited list of sports events.
16. I would never bungee-jump, but enjoy roller coasters.
17. The worst job I ever had was doing laundry in a nursing home.
18. I am a Leo-Virgo cusp, born on the full moon (also on the cusp).
19. I like chorale (or choir) music but not opera.

Who? What? Where? Why?

20. I was born on an Air Force Base in Arizona.
21. ...while my parents lived in a little red trailer.
22. One of their nicknames for me was Desert Rat.
23. One of my kid nicknames was Polio.
24. It's because I told Grandpa's neighbor that I had polio, but I didn't. So he started calling me that.
25. I am an only child.
26. My parents are both dead.
27. I didn't have children.
28. I am childfree by choice. Not everyone is meant to be a parent.
29. Besides Texas, I have lived in Hawaii,
30. Florida,
31. Colorado,
32. New Mexico,
33. Illinois,
34. Greece,
35. Missouri,
36. and Arizona.
37. I lived in some of those places 2 to 3 times.
38. I lived in Missouri for 27 years.
39. I was a High School dropout, but eventually went back and graduated.
40. I did not attend the graduation ceremony, but watched from a nearby burger joint.
41. This was mostly due to lack of funds required for the ceremony.
42. I got my Bachelor's Degree at 40.
43. I have never had a best friend who considered me to be his or her best friend. They always had at least one other person they were closer to.

Critters and Quirks

44. I love animals and have almost always had pets.
45. My weirdest pet ever was a de-scented skunk named Sweet William. Skunks should not be kept as pets, nor should they be de-scented.
46. I love grackles...
47. ...and no... not for dinner.
48. I am arachnophobic. Do not scare me with spiders. It won't be funny and I won't like you anymore.
49. I am a cat-person.
50. We have 4 clawed, male, 100% indoor previous alley/shelter cats.
51. I can't ride a bicycle, swim, roller skate, ice skate, water ski or snow ski.
52. This is due to an unnamed phobia that brings on episodes of panic when I try these things.
53. The phobia has something to do with not knowing how to use the brakes, and not being able to learn while panicking.

Cousins, Relatives and TMI

54. In High School, my male cousin and I went to see A Clockwork Orange dressed as droogs.
55. This same male cousin once used my picture ID to get into bars. They obviously didn't look closely at either one.
56. Kevin Costner is my second cousin, once-removed.
57. Yes, THAT Kevin Costner.
58. No, I have never met him, and don't expect to.
59. My first boyfriend was my first cousin.
60. Our parents did not object, even though I was only maybe 14, he was in the Army, and then there was that cousin part of it.
61. It was never consummated.
62. I have (or used to have) between 30 and 35 first cousins. I don't really know a lot of them.
63. I have lost touch with most of my relatives, and have to google them to see if they are still alive.
64. I do not believe in the existence of races of people, just the human race. The rest of it is simply inherited traits and family resemblance.
65. I am not romantic in the typical sense.
66. I dislike being given flowers as a romantic gesture.
67. I also dislike those serious romantic cards. Go for humor!!
68. My mother was going to marry me off to a Greek boy when I was 13 so he could get a green card.
69. It didn't happen only because the US govt. said it wouldn't work.


70. The Harry Potter character I relate to most is Luna Lovegood.
71. I would be sorted into Ravenclaw.
72. I would NOT try out for Quidditch.
73. My Simpsons character is Lisa Simpson.
74. I qualified as a real-life Lisa on
75. My Lord of the Rings character would be Frodo.
76. My first celebrity crush was John Lennon,
77. followed shortly by Brian Jones.
78. Both died prematurely, one was murdered and the other was probably murdered.
79. In real life I hate violence and weapons, esp. guns...
80. ...but in movies and TV I like action, fantasy and Sci-Fi.
81. My first concert without a parent was Herman's Hermits.
82. I went to school for awhile with Dan (Hoss) Blocker's daughter, Danna. It was in Greece. She looked like him.
83. I also went to school with Shawn Colvin in Carbondale...
84. ...and in Sarasota with Pee Wee Herman. I didn't knowingly meet either of them at the time.
85. As a kid I was a huge fan of the Mercury and Gemini astronauts.
86. I have lots of books on the Kennedy assassination.
87. I also have lots of books on UFOs.
88. Marty Robbins held me in his arms onstage when I was a toddler.
89. When I met Chuck Berry at 16, he put his arm around me and grabbed my butt.
90. Rare concerts: I saw Jimi Hendrix at the Atlanta Pop Festival.
91. I also saw Janis Joplin there...
92. ...and Duane Allman with the Allman Brothers.
93. I saw the Rolling Stones from front row in 1969...
94. ...and King Crimson with Greg Lake.

This and That

95. I have never voted for a Republican.
96. I don't eat or wear animals.
97. I'm an INTP, and strongly introverted and intuitive.
98. I was a Christian until 10-12 years ago.
99. I am now an atheist, and attend church as a Unitarian Universalist.
100. People who need people are NOT the luckiest people in the world.


Neil Shakespeare said...

Man, that looks like a ton of work there, just to compile 100 items of anything.

Blueberry said...

...and then separate them into "Fangirl" and "too-much-information" categories.

Ptelea said...

Blueberry - you really went wild for your first concert without your parents! H & the H were favs of mine way back then. I also saw Paul Revere & the Raiders and the Monkeys. I DID see some quality musicians as well! My older sister took me to see The Lovin Spoonful and John Hartford.

Blueberry said...

I must admit, I liked those bands too. I also saw Young Rascals and The Animals.
:::showing my age:::

In the late 60s my mother went to most of the shows with me though. She liked a lot of the same music even though she was 34 years older. She LOVED the Stones, and had a teensy little crush on Mick. My dad tore up some pictures of Herman's Hermits thinking it was the Stones, saying "there's that goddamned SOB!!" [snicker]. She even managed to sneak backstage at a rock festival by telling them she was Janis Joplin's mother. Wow.

Jeen Lilly said...

I like the way you broke up your list into categories... very Virgonian of you!

Blueberry said...

But they are not alphabetized! I'm sooo unorganized!! ;-)