Monday, December 26, 2005

Working out the bugs.

This looks like it's for real, but it's so weird it could be a spoof.

A - They are equipping these roaches with little implanted robo-backpacks, then controlling them using a remote and
B - Now their signals are getting spammed with Viagra promos.

As for whether this is good for the roaches, one of the researchers comments "They are not very nice insects." Their crime is apparently being smelly and moving their antennae in an unattractive way. Hmmmm. So what shall we say about the people doing this?

I guess if you look funny, smell funny, and are small enough to catch -- you'd best watch your back!

- - - Carnival of the Cockroaches


Tito Maury said...

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Blueberry said...

I've posted on King Kong a couple of times. I thought it was very well done, very good, and am a fan of PJ. Thanks for visiting!

TLP said...

Well, if you're asking me to feel sorry for cockroaches, sorry, it ain't happenin'.

Blueberry said...

A face only a mother could love, I suppose. I just wish they'd stop trying to turn critters into robots. And given the size of southern cockroaches, they really are critters. ;-)

Makes me think of that episode of the X-Files with Bambi the entomologist.