Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday Shaved Cat

The vet certainly likes to shave these cats! Jax here had his teeth cleaned this week, and that means getting knocked out and getting an IV and catheter, recommended for older guys to keep the fluids/drugs going in and out. They sure shaved a big area on his leg there, and it will take forever to grow back since he is an over-groomer (hence the bare belly). Jax, let's see that pretty white smile! Nothing doing.

Here he is (below) when we got him back from his 2 night stay in the pet ER when he blocked (urinary tract block) a few months ago. They shaved both legs and some of his neck, poor little dude. But he's healthy and handsome in spite of the bald spots. Duncan, our other black cat, got his teeth cleaned a couple of weeks ago, so he's sporting a shaved leg like a badge of honor too.

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Ptelea said...

Poor Wiskerz has to go in for routine bloodwork which translates to a shaved neck and being knocked out because although he is calm, he jerks at the very minute that the needle goes in! The good news is that he is only unconscious for a few minutes and they trim his nails while he's out!

Blueberry said...

Poor kitty! Nails are not fun to trim, are they? Teeth are no fun to brush either. I can't believe some of these vets who suggest with a perfectly straight face that you brush your cat's teeth.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I love kitty stories. That's why I've started up a new blog called "The Cat's Dish." There I feature a different cat each week sent in by readers. Would you like your cat to be featured?

Blueberry said...

Sure! I've got four of them. How do we play?