Thursday, December 29, 2005

Another year, another set of broken promises.

Promises to myself mostly. New Years Resolutions = things I say that I'm going to do but in reality, if I even half-heartedly attempt to accomplish these things, the effort will be dead by January 15. These resolutions stay the same every year.

  1. Lose 5 pounds, just 5 stinking pounds. How hard can it be???

  2. Start going to those Happy Hours at the Continental Club.

  3. Round up all this junk and sell it on eBay. Did I say junk? I meant to say rare collectibles in mint condition.

  4. Stop being such a workaholic and take a whole day off once in a while.

  5. Get a job that pays better with shorter hours.

  6. Learn Spanish. How hard can it be??? I'm just desperate enough to sign up for that class for people who've taken a class and still didn't learn Spanish, aka Conversational Spanish 101 dropouts.

  7. Come up with some really clever design that will be popular and sell it on Cafepress merch.

  8. Finish making those curtains.

  9. Fix the sewing machine, and then finish the curtains.

  10. Sort the junk on those old computers and get_rid_of_them.

  11. Dust that spot right over there.

I need more TIME!!!

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