Friday, December 23, 2005

Friday cats write a letter

There has to be a secret message here. Is it as simple as "Merry Xmas"? Maybe, like Fox Mulder, they are trying to signal a shady operative, or it could be the spot where the treasure is buried. More likely, it's just a spot... like the many other cat spots that have taken over all carpeted areas in the house. Also, it looks like these two could use some X-ercise. That's Duncan on the left and Henry on the right.

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Anonymous said...

Indoor cats -- they're like Americans in so many ways. Cats do have strange eating habits, don't they?

At one point I was living with a buelemic cat. After a while, I got a bit tired of cleaning up after it, and the owner seemed to just have accepted the cats disorder. Dis-satisfied, I used the nuclear option and called a very cat-obsessed ex for advice. She says it wasn't buelemia -- I retorted that the cat ate too much food too fast, and then vomited it everywhere, and then wanted more food. (we argued for a moment -- she's an ex for a reason).

Anyhow, she was right in principle. The cat in question grew up, and spent the first 6 years of its life as an outdoor cat in the country. Outdoor cats have very strange eating habits that are unique to each cat and place -- however, they have one thing in common -- they eat very, very quickly, as their portions are usually small.

Apparently, outdoor cats can have difficulty adjusting to big bowls of food. They gobble it up quickly, and don't learn that their eating speed is causing them to vomit.

The solution is simple. Two ping-pong balls, or golf balls in their dish. They will give you "that look" the first time you do it, but just ignore it. The balls prevent the cat from digging their face into the food, and they have to stop at periods and move them around to get to more food.

As it turns out, this is also a good way to help cats lose weight. The technique causes the cats to eat less because cats are very lazy.

Blueberry said...

I have another cat (Alex) who is barfy and always has been. I've blogged him on some recent Fridays. Years ago we tried putting stuff like that in the dish, but he would just rake it out of the bowl with his paw onto the floor. Smarty pants. Turns out he has inflammatory bowel syndrome, either that or cancer. We won't know for sure without surgery, and he's 15 so he gets a pass on that.

Of course, THESE guys could stand to lose some weight. They look like two meatloaves on sticks.

Did your cat take revenge on you for the golf balls? [grin]

Jeen Lilly said...

That's all I could think -- the dread meatloafing of Blueberry's cat boys!
Reminds me of the Kinks tune, Phenomenal Cat. =)

Blueberry said...

If only we could spread the girth around evenly among the four, Alex could be up to a normal weight.