Friday, December 23, 2005

Getting cheerier by the minute.

We've been "Secret-Santa'd"! Four bottles of very nice wine in shiny bags just showed up on the front porch with no note! This could be for several reasons:
  1. Someone we know has brought them by for us, but it's really hard to think who it might be.

  2. A non-drinking neighbor has regifted to us, based on their assessment of our glass recycling items.

  3. They were mistakenly put on our porch instead of another one.

  4. Someone has watched that recent episode of Monk, where a Secret Santa poisoned a bottle of port and got rid of someone at the office party. If it's number 4 and we end up dead, call the police.

In any case, I think we will wait a few days and see if anyone shows up to claim them in a mistaken delivery. Otherwise, whoever did this... thank you very, very much!!

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