Friday, December 09, 2005

The Greencards' van accident, all OK.

OK, I feel really bad now, after ranting on and on about people needing to toughen up for our little mild winter, and now my friends have had an accident on the ice -- their van skidded off the road and rolled over several times. They are all fine, other than some bruises, etc. Even the instruments made it through. All very, very lucky, and I am so relieved! It was about 3 AM and they were leaving the gig in Bryan TX. This is after having to drive through that terrible midwestern snowstorm to get to Texas from Oregon. If you go and see them this week, give them some extra applause.

I hate ice.

There is a press release posted here.

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Anonymous said...

Ice? Get your priorities straight ... what about the War on Dunkin Donuts?

Blueberry said...

But aren't donuts iced?

...sorry...bad pun...

Well if there's one thing you don't want to trust the French with, it's pastries... right?

Neil Shakespeare said...

Egad. Glad to hear your friends are OK. Spent 12 years on the road and the only thing I ever prayed for was dry roads. Gimme dry roads and I can handle the rest. Been on lots of knucklegrippers on the ice.