Friday, June 09, 2006

The heat is on

These tall Texans are sure loving this weather! We've been within a couple of degrees of 100 for a week or more, yesterday I think it went over. I haven't been able to figure out who "officially" decided that the upcoming solstice is the beginning of summer instead of midsummer like it was before that. Has to have something to do with power and politics. I am stubborn and refuse to call it the beginning of summer. Actually, here in Central Texas we hit 100 degrees in April before it cooled down to normal hot. Anyway, we've got a real jungle of sunflowers out there, the alley filled with tree-tall flowers looks like a faerieland -- albeit for sweaty sunburnt faeries.

I have been working like it's a marathon for a good 3 weeks! About 12 hours a day weekdays and 6-8 on weekends. The CD art design/production is a big part of it. I've done 3 of these for newly recorded music, and they never go smoothly. It's guaranteed. There's always a last-minute crisis or 2, it's par for the course. In this case, I dropped off the disk for printing yesterday afternoon, then in a few hours I find out that the song order on the master was supposed to be rearranged, but wasn't, so revised files are needed and will be delivered this morning. A job like this is not finished until it's shrink-wrapped. Meanwhile, I have developed sciatica from sitting too much [OUCH], and the cats don't allow us to sleep more than about 4 hours. Exhausted!!

I will leave you with this summer image, just add lots of bird chirping (hopefully some of the birds are Purple Martins), bunches of butterflies, bees, and baked air. I need to take a nice long walk.

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