Monday, June 05, 2006


Apocalypse tomorrow! Are you ready? Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia is the fear of the number 666. I'd say it's fairly common. My mother had a phobia of the number 444. Go figure that one out. I never will.

Tomorrow is the National Day of Slayer. I understand they were going to kick off a tour, but one of the members had a gall bladder problem so they postponed it until 06-14-06. Not the same impact as doing with the apocalypse coming down and all. Not a fan of Slayer myself, but party on. The Rapture Index is up to 157 (it's been up there for awhile, at "buckle your seat belt" level, and why are you buckling your seat belt if you are leaving your car behind... for me!!!), and one of of the factors is the decline of the sanctity of marraige -- demonstrated best by the fact that Elizabeth Taylor has been married 8 times. Hmmm. Yes, really.

Ann Coulter's book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism" comes out tomorrow. [Yawn]

Thinking back, whatever happened on June 6, 1966? You don't remember either, huh? Too many sixes I guess. I do remember June 6, 1968. It's the day Bobby Kennedy was murdered.

Going back before my time, it was D-Day in 1944. And going back before that, it was the day my dad was born in 1923. He's been gone many years now, I blogged him back in August on his death anniversary.

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Anonymous said...

Today is my husband's birthday, too (6/6/53).

Anonymous said...

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Blueberry said...

Wow. Religion can whack your sanity and rationality like nothing else. That was entertaining! Thanks! ;-)

Michael Bains said...

When a member of Slayer gets sidelined by "gall bladder" problems...

Holy freakin' box chords! LOL!

Oh well, I still made sure to blast Slip Knot and Static X at full blast for an hour or so, just for the Hell of it, eh.

Blueberry said...

8 Days Late for the Apocalypse! Should be the name of their next release.