Friday, June 02, 2006

New Cats on the Block Friday

Well, here's one!! It's one of the new kittens that was born next door. I don't know his name, or even if he's a boy, but I think his nickname for us will be "Cheeta". He sure didn't hesitate to climb up this tree and get comfy. I can just tell I am going to worry over these kits nearly as much as their mom. This picture turned out so cute, I sent it to Daily Kitten. Here's another one.

...and congratulations to Alex, who was the Carnival of the Cats Banner Catmodel!

- Friday Ark - Carnival of the Cats - This week's carnival is at Tacjammer and features a Moody Blues theme!! Well. I'll be darned. I love those guys. - - -


Ptelea said...

What an incredibly sweet picture of Cheeta and with so much symetry!

Alex is a star for sure!

D said...

The first picture is absolutely perfect!