Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Happy solstice to all you sun-lovers! Enjoy the nice loooong day, and party on, but don't try this stunt at home. I found the pic on this page. Pretty good!

This really is the middle of summer here. It's 6 months long and goes from April to September. Calling this the first day of summer is one of my little pet peeves as you know if you read Texas Oasis regularly. Apparently, it's still set up "the olde way" in some countries such as Ireland, China and Japan. [wiki link], [Cecil from The Straight Dope]

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Michael Bains said...

Happy solstice lady!

I just got called out by a totally cool Aussie blogger for wishing a happy Summer solstice in my post using this pic. So I had to point out that you didn't do such a silly, hemispherically bigoted thing in your post.

Silly me...

Coeur Mechant said...

Recently I saw a reference to the June solstice which would fit either hemisphere.

Take a look at the image of the shadow on the Earth's surface around the third week of June or December. The curve of the shadow's boundary gets steeper as solstice approaches.